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Best insulation for windows - Coastal Colour Curtains - Curtains & Blinds Byron Bay, Ballina Region

What are the best window coverings for insulation?
Thermal lined drapes or thermal linings behind a sheer curtain

Do plantation shutters insulate windows?
No not efficiently – they are made of PVC so have no thermal properties. They are not 100% blockout so heat escapes through the glass

How to keep a house warm without air con or a heater?
How to keep a house warm without insulation?
Install thermal back window furnishings

Best curtains to keep the cold out
Thermal backed curtains and linings

Do curtains keep the heat in during winter?
Do curtains keep the heat out in summer?
YES they do more than shutters and blinds

Do blinds keep the heat in during winter?
Do blinds keep the heat out in summer?
Not as efficiently as curtains covering the whole window over the architraves. Plus curtains have two and half more fullness than a blind.
More fabric = more heat retention
If blinds are your only solution use a thermal backed product

Will thermal curtains keep heat in?
Yes very effectively especially if you close the curtains up at sunset

What are the best curtains to block out heat?
Thermal back products

What is the difference between blockout curtains and blackout curtains?
Blackout is also known as thermal blockout
Blockout curtains can mean just block the light and any dark curtain will do that, but not as efficiently as a thermal blockout product

Can you wash thermal curtains?
Yes today’s thermal products are washable and dry cleanable

What do thermal backed linings feel like to touch?
You will be surprised, they are soft and fall nicely, not like the old styles from previous decades

Can you see through thermal curtains?
No they are completely blockout hence effective for heat loss
They are usually teamed with the sheer curtains that sit in front of the thermal lining and then you have two curtains
One you can see through and one that blocks out the nasties

Are curtains more energy efficient than blinds?
Yes as they cover more area

Are curtains more expensive than blinds?
Yes they are as they cover more area

How do I reduce window heat loss ?
In winter almost all windows require protection from heat loss. It is necessary to trap a layer of insulating still air between the window and the room. Using a thermal back product is the best solution and installing curtains rather than blinds is the most effective way to combat heat loss.

The Northern Rivers region offers us both hot and cold climates so we need to make our homes energy efficient.

The right window furnishings in your home mean:

  • Enjoy easy care and window furnishing maintenance
  • Keeping it Cool – keep the sun’s rays outside
  • Keeping it warm – linings reduce your heating bills and your home’s carbon footprint
  • Keeping it dark – Ideal for shift workers, children sleeping and home theatres
  • Keeping it quiet – Thermal backed linings reduce noise and create a tranquil environment in your home

Our linins are:

  • Colour fast to IOS standards
  • Resistant to delaminating of coating
  • Able to withstand washing instructions
  • Dry cleanable

How do you install the curtain linings ?
Curtains and linings are installed on a double track, with the lining behind the sheer curtain on the back track.

What choices are there in linings?
There are two choices of linings Thermal backed and Triple Weave

Thermal backed linings are coated to stop the heat penetrating in summer and heat escaping in winter. They come neutral colours.
Thermal backed linings are ideal for west facing windows

Triple Weave is dim-out not a blockout and does not have a thermal backing. Hence is not a quite as effective for the heat loss, but does come in a large range of coordinating colours

Why use thermal backed linings?
You can significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by using thermal backed linings all year round to insulate and protect your home

How can I save money on energy costs in my home?
Savings of up to 40% can be achieved by installing thermal backed linings in your home.

Best advice –  close your beautiful curtains at night and sit back and enjoy them !!

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