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Five ways to update your home furnishings on budget and on trend - Coastal Colour Curtains - Curtains & Blinds Byron Bay, Ballina Region
  • Paint Paint and Paint
  • Create mood lighting
  • Add some greenery with indoor plants
  • Add cushions, small coffee tables and rugs
  • Update your window furnishings

Painting your walls will not only freshen up the look of your home, but you can change the whole look of a room in one day. Changing the wall colour is a cheap option when it comes to saving money on renovating costs.

Fresh cool whites are ON TREND and will give your home a new contemporary look. I particularly love Lexicon Half or Quarter from Dulux.   But don’t stop there. Choose one wall to create a feature wall. Yes they ARE in fashion. I love a dark grey contrast that looks great teamed with timber finishes as well as Resene’s colour, Foundry.  I have used Foundry in my last three homes and still love it. 

Break the look up with white furniture, a funky piece of art and some large pot plants. Take a look at your furniture – be adventurous. Yes vintage is still in, but only one piece per room. Grandma’s dresser can be a great focal point against your gorgeous dark grey wall or try some chalk paint on buy some old chairs from the local Op Shop or Gumtree

So to recap – the look is dark grey, cool white and a small amount of timber finishes.

If you want to be adventurous – green is the new emerging colour. Taubmans 2019 Colour of the Year – Night Watch – teamed with white and timber, is absolutely delicious.

Mood lighting can be purchased on a budget if you shop at Bunnings, KMart etc. Choose Black against a white wall or timber, or white against a dark wall. Lamps add a beautiful softness and mood to any room.

Indoor plants are the latest Bohemian thing, so take yourself back to the 60s literally or online. Start with a Chain of Hearts, Monstera Deliciosa or an Umbrella Tree, the later two being big bold statements. As long as you keep the water up to a Maiden Hair Fern, it’s one you can’t go past for a great look.

Depending on your interior style – Coastal, Bohemian, Hamptons or an Eclectic mix of all of the above, accessories will make a stamp on your room. Be creative! Start a cushion hunt and you need to look further than your iPad. Don’t think you can go out and buy them all in one day. It can take months to achieve “the look” you want to create. Arm yourself with a colour palette (swatches from Bunnings) and think about accent colours you love and work with your art work. In the Northern Rivers of NSW, we prefer cooler colours so blues / greens are my choice.

Navy is a big hit right now especially teemed with dark grey or black – who would have thought? This palette was my choice for our master bedroom scheme. We have all heard the saying – “blue and green should never be seen” – how things can change over the decades. 

So now that you’ve created your new concept on a budget, take a look at your current window coverings. What are you looking at? Old and tired vertical blinds?   1960s curtains?

DOWN they must come!

After you’ve de-cobwebbed and painted, you might be caught thinking “we don’t need any window coverings” but I am here to tell you – YES YOU DO!

Whether it’s a hot day or cold night, quality window furnishings will not only look amazing but they will save you money on energy costs.

So where do you start?  Sheers … Sheers …. Sheers

  • On trend
  • Look beautiful blowing in the breeze
  • Prices to suit all budgets
  • Choice of Linen look fabrics
  • All made to measure your windows
  • Colour choices range from whites, mid to dark greys
Can you see through sheer curtains?

YES you most definitely can.

What colour is best for sheer curtains?

The darker the colour the easier it is to see through, so go with a dark grey or black if you want to optimise your view. Other colours that are on trend are mid to soft silver greys and whites are also very popular.

if you’re going for the Hamptons look – a new trend is the introduction of blues – navy and seaside blues offer a great coastal look, and as I mentioned before, look out for these colours that are about to hit the curtain scene.

To recap, if you have a beautiful view you can stop the heat and glare by installing dark sheer curtains and you will still be able to see the water.

A sheer curtain will stop the heat and glare by up to 80% and you’ll be amazed by the difference. They’re a great investment, as your curtains will also save money on electricity costs. To maximise the heat and cold control, put a heat control curtain behind your sheer curtains which will allow privacy at night and cool you down on a hot day and cold night.

Curtain linings will also stop your carpets and flooring from fading. There is northing worse that a sheer image etched onto your floor from fading.

The curtain lining colours are coordinated with your sheers and or wall colours and an experienced decorator or stylist will help with your selection.

Catherine Martin
Colour Consultant and Interior Stylist